Progress in printing the hand parts

Today We finally took the decision to embed all the electronic stuff necessary for haptic response and precise positioning inside the thimble. This was a hard choice and has required a complete redesign of the thimble in order to make more room for all the control electronics for the haptic device. This choice has slowed down our timeline for two days: one for the design and the other one for testing.

The con is a bigger thimble while the pro is the ability to change a single finger upon failure. Big leap!

While I’m writing I’m downloading the Unreal Engine. Hope to show you some good stuff at @makerfaire italian pavilion.



Gauntlet3d now is intentoVR ver.1

intentoVR is the new name for the old gauntlet3d prototype.

We decided to abandon resistance bending finger due to a bad manifacture of bending resistor. As you can see R&D is now testing the finger bending using light.

As you can see the final result is quite impressive.

Hope to post a video of the data acqusition process from the intentoVR ver. 1. in few days